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About Bizpal

Bizpal is a large platform for social marketing and business collaboration of international trade service providers, reducing costs and improving efficiency for your business expansion.
  • Big data precisely matched customers
  • SNS social sharing marketing
  • Free multinational customs data query
  • Voice, video and text, new and old friends can use it
  • Publish trade leads, let other businessmen come to you
BizPal applies to“Digitalized Overseas Sample Room
  • No need to go abroad, but can cultivate target market for a long time
  • Buyers feel samples at home and talk about cross-border business online
BizPal applies to Digitalized Catalog
  • The salesmen and products have QR code, and the buyers will contact you.
  • Bizpal spreads for you all over the world
BizPal serves international trade service providers
  • Welcome the domestic and foreign marketing promotion, display information, warehousing and logistics, customs declaration and inspection, financial insurance and other service providers to join BizPal.
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